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The show explores themes of forbidden love, morality, social classes and gender roles.

Young Americans is set in the town of New Rawley at a prestigious boarding school, Rawley Academy.

The unaired pilot episode does not contain the product placement.

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Will settles in at Rawley Academy, where the teacher Finn learns a secret Will shared with Scout. Hamilton is surprised by this and starts to question his own sexual orientation.Steve Antin credits a stop at a New England gas station as the inspiration for the series.He was a little surprised to see four teenage girls working as pump jockeys.Will Krudski, a working class New Englander, earns a scholarship to his hometown's posh boarding school, starting with the summer session, as a means of escaping his abusive father.In a moment of carelessness he confesses to his roommate, Scout, that he cheated on the entrance exam.

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