What makes speed dating successful

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You'll first want to come up with a name that you will operate under (a "DBA" name, so to speak).I suggest coming up with a name that is unique, yet simple and to the point of your business.Come up with a logo for brand presence and to gain the feel of a professional company. But approach the age group you are most comfortable dealing with and can establish some type of common ground with. Talk to the owners/managers at local restaurants, coffee houses, and such about hosting an event at their space. Even though it is important to advertise your event, remember to invite singles that you know to your event.Decide how you can be of benefit to the venue and how hosting a speed dating event will help them AND you so everyone can make a little extra cash. After you secure a location(s) you'll want to set a date and begin marketing your Event, the Venue, and your company (yourself). Let them know a little about the venue you selected, the types of people you anticipate on participating, and ask them to attend. Prepare a Speed Dating Kit for your events with the following: · Pens/Pencils · Name Tags · Note Cards · Table Tents/ Table Markers · Bell/ Whistle 8.

(Example: Match in Six = DBA | Domain address = 2. Just a word of personal advice from experience, I have noticed that age groups that range from 35 and up are more likely to fill up faster than those events for people who are single and under the age of 35.Get them involved in the promotion of the event as well!**There are companies who offer speed dating kits, try Match in Six.Additional Info **Assure your guest that the events are for entertainment.Also mention there is a realistic opportunity for them to meet someone special.

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