Ways to be less intimidating

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Many times, though, it means you will spend more cognitive effort than is needed.

That leads to less time in the present moment as well as less creativity. Related: Why Being a Self-Aware Leader Is Not Enough In hand with overthinking situations, self-awareness can inhibit action. It will also tend to lead to greater risk aversion.

People that are always thinking tend to come across that way.

It can make your employees nervous to act like themselves around you.

You want to make your employees feel as comfortable at work as possible.

Consequently, you do not want them believing that you are critically judging everything that they do. Related: The Importance of Emotional Intelligence at Work It is also easy to come across as too serious when you are very self-aware.

It is critical, though, towards their own personal growth.

It will also make your team more productive and open with each other. Feeling and seeing all of these things is draining.

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As a boss, though, you have to focus on your employees.With a constantly churning mind, expressing more relaxed emotions can be overlooked. In order to make those around you more comfortable and to get them to like you, you have to be able to act relaxed.That will, in turn, lead to stronger relationships with your employees and higher output.That will, ultimately, lead to a more productive and creative team.Related: A 6-Step Program for Improving Your Communication Skills Hyper self-awareness can come across as intimidating.

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