Validating pentium 4 microprocessor

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It has standard features such as dual SATA, LVDS for flat panel display, dual Ethernet, PCI riser and mini PCI slots etc along with standard motherboard interfaces.Caravel carried out the design of the board, layout in 10 layer PCB, prototype board bring-up, validating the board for various standard operating systems.Caravel transferred all the production documents to the customer for carrying out the production at their Contract Manufacturer’s facility.Development of EPIC form factor Intel LV Pentium M processor (855GME chipset) Industrial motherboard Customer An Industrial motherboard designer and manufacturer in USA Business challenge To design and build a prototype EPIC form factor motherboard using Intel LV Pentium M / ULV Celeron M processor and 855GME ICH4 chipset Solution Caravel designed and built a prototype of the motherboard using Intel LV Pentium M / ULV Celeron processor and 855GME chipset.The board also had two channels of 64KB dual port RAM channels for communication with other subsystems.

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The project, involving some twenty person years of verification work, is one of the most ambitious formal verification efforts in the hardware industry to date.Main encoder card is based on prototype board is based on MC9S12DP256BMPV Microcontroller with 32 analog input channels ( 14bit A/D converter ), 32 bit digital I/O channels, Bi-phase PCM data output channel and multiple RS232 ports.The second card is power supply card with DC-DC converter with associated EMI filters working on an input of 28V DC.Formal verification of arithmetic datapaths has been part of the established methodology for most Intel processor designs over the last years, usually in the role of supplementing more traditional coverage oriented testing activities.For the recent Intel i7 design we took a step further and used formal verification as the primary validation vehicle for the core execution cluster, the component responsible for the functional behaviour of all microinstructions.

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