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You’ll also learn about Dojo’s AMD-based module architecture, discover how to load additional modules to add extra functionality to your Web site or application, and find out how to get help when things go wrong. In this tutorial, you'll learn about how to use Dojo to manipulate the DOM in a simple, cross-browser way.The dojo Config object (formerly dj Config) allows you to set options and default behavior for various aspects of the toolkit. Using basic DOM knowledge and only a few Dojo functions, you will be able to efficiently create, read, update and delete elements in the page on the fly.The generic Weak Event Manager class also enables subscribers to participate in the weak event pattern if a dedicated Weak Event Manager does not exist for a certain event. The Dispatcher class defines new methods for synchronous and asynchronous operations.The synchronous Invoke method defines overloads that take an Action or Func, call the Dispatcher Operation Wait extension method. Wait will result in a deadlock if the operation is queued on a calling thread.For more information, see the ICollection View Live Shaping interface.

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The Virtualizing Panel defines the Is Virtualizing When Grouping attached property that enables UI Virtualization for grouped data.For example, suppose that an application uses a Data Grid to list stocks in a stock market and the stocks are sorted by stock value.If live sorting is enabled on the stocks' Collection View, a stock's position in the Data Grid moves when the value of the stock becomes greater or less than another stock's value.When an Items Control is data bound to a collection, an item container is generated for each item.In some cases, item containers are removed from the visual tree.

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