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Thomas was my great-great-grandfather, and was born in Linghton, Leicestershire on .The children born in England were christened in Camberwell and Walworth in Surrey, so it seems that the family were living there for a few years before they left.He left his wife and four children in England; Mary Ann was expecting the fifth (Elizabeth). Joseph was my great-great-great-grandfather – his daughter Edith married Robert Betts, and their daughter Sarah married James De La Rue, my great-grandfather.There are many variations on the spelling of his surname – it was spelt “Thorogood” on ship’s records, but also appears as “Thoroughgood”, “Thurgood”, “Thurrowgood” and others.Her parents were Peter Lamb and Jane Burton, and they arrived in Australia in Nov 1884 on the Loch Ness (one of the Loch Line ships – made infamous by the sinking of the Loch Ard).Peter was 25, Jane 26, and their eldest daughter Lizzie had her first birthday on the ship on the way out.An alternative version of a De La Rue family tree included in Lorna Houseman’s book states that the first recorded appearance of the name in Guernsey was a land grant from a Danish king in the 12th century.Richard de la Rue (who has commented below) reported recently that the De La Rue Company presented a family tree at an exhibition a few decades ago which included research into the origins of the name in Guernsey.

(It made pretty dull TV.) The Viking gene shows up as a particular type of the male chromosome and they tested this against one representative of each old Guernsey family.Alexander), after departing London, , and settled at Germantown (now Grovedale, a suburb of Geelong), Vic.Two more children were born in Australia after they arrived.I have records of over 2,000 descendants (including spouses) of Thomas and Tabitha.Other De La Rue families of interest include: The name “De La Rue” The name is French in origin (meaning “of the street” or “of the road”).

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