Sex dating in saint francis kentucky

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He would frequently give her rides home from practices and games.

During those rides, he started placing his hand on her knee, eventually moving his hand up her leg and under her shorts, she said.

The women made the complaints after learning three years ago that they both had sexual contact with the teacher when they were students at the school in the late 1970s and early '80s, one of the women told Courier Journal. “I buried this situation because I always thought it was my fault,” she said.

Courier Journal is not identifying the woman because she says she was a victim of sexual misconduct.

She then began visiting his home frequently, where she alleges he would give her alcohol and initiate sexual contact.

When she was upset, he would hold her close against his body, she said.

"They've been protecting and covering up for the predator," said Thomas Clay Jr., a 1988 graduate of the school and friend of one of the women in the case.

Clay said the letter is an example of why many women choose to stay silent about sexual harassment and abuse rather than come forward.

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And he's from Kentucky Throughout the letter, Hamilton refers to the teacher on a first-name basis and recounts the woman's difficult teenage years.

Eventually, she said she found "the strength to just say goodbye." "It changed the whole direction of my life.

I ruined relationships with people that would have been healthy for me," she said. Francis says it has been planning to "re-evaluate" the allegations since mid-November.

"You had no home life, so you threw herself into soccer," Hamilton wrote.

"On many occasions, you ran to (the teacher's) house from your home. (The teacher) comforted you and counseled you," Hamilton wrote.

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