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He says the soil is rich and well cultivated ; fruit and forest trees of all kinds abound; numerous large cities and populous villages, amounting in all to no leas than two hundred and forty, thickly stud the whole face of the country ; the inhabitants are industrious and warlike, being trained to arms from their infancy (B.

Joeephus defines its boundaries, and gives a tolerably full description of it, scenery, products, and population. The river Jordan, the Sea of Galilee, and the upper Jordan to the fountain at Dan, formed the eastern border; and the northern ran from Dan westward across the mountain ridge till it touched the territory of the Phoenicians (B.

In the time of the Maccabees Galilee contained only a few Jews living in the midst of a large heathen popula- tion (1 Mace. 20-23); Strabo states tiiat in his day it was chiefly inhabited by Syrians, Phoenicians, and Arabs (xvi. 760); and Josephua says Greeks also dwelt in its cities ( VU. In the time of our Lord all Palestine was divided into three provinces, Judfea, Samaria, and Galilee (Acts ix.

It is probable that the strangers increased in number, and became during the Captivity the great body of the inhabitants; extending themselves also over the surrounding country, they gave to their new terri- tories the old name, until at length Galilee became one of the largest provinces of Palestine.

Thus his mission to Daniel is to interpret in plain words the vision of the ram and the he-goat and to comfort him after his prayer with the prophecy of the " seventy weeks." And so in the Mew Testament he is the herald of good tidings, declaring as he loss the coming of the predicted Messiah and of his forerunner. There is no clear Scriptural authority for the Jural use of archangel (see above). The south of that district, from the Anion ( W uty . Of the structure and character of the land whicl thus belonged to the tribe — " the land of Gad and GUead " — we have only vague information. But while exhibiting these high personal qualities, Gad appears to have been wanting In the powers necessary to enable him to take any active or lead- ing part in the confederacy of the nation. a But in the marginal emendations of the Masocwts (the A'eri) the word is given N""j, "TJ, " Gad comes." This construction is adopted by the ancient versions of Onketos, Aqu Ua ({a9«v il (Zeis), and Syuiauvcbus (j)A0,v rdt). Gad is regular); named in the various enumerations of the tribes through the wanderings — at the despatching of the spies (ziii. 3, 15) ; but the only inference we can draw is an indication of a commencing alliance with the tribe which was subsequently to be his next neighbor. {a.) The passage in which the bestowal of the name of Gad is preserved — like the others, an eickma tion on his birth — is mere than usually obsoure- " And Leah said, ' In fortune ' {be gad, TO), and she called his name Gad " (Gen. in which they are followed by Jerome in the Vul- gate, ftlic Uer. But be was evidently attached to the royal establish- ment at Jerusalem, for be wrote a book of the Acta of David (1 Chr. 29), and also assisted in settling the arrangements for the musical service of the " house of God," by which his name was handed down to times long after his own (2 Chr. 848 The word is not, probably t'haklee, NT153, from an ancient root signifying height or roundness — the not of the Hebrew word Uibvih, which is the common term in the 0. for a bald rounded hill, or deration of moderate height, in this case BEMA: Gabbatha designated the elevated "bema"; and the "pavement" was possibly some mosaic or tessellated work, either forming the bema itaelf, or the flooring of the court immediately round it — perhaps some such work as that which we are told by Suetonius (Catar, 46) Julius Cesar was accustomed to carry with him on his expeditions, in order to giro the bema or tribunal its necessary conventional elevation. Besides, Pilate evidently spoke from the tana — the regular seat of justice — and this in a' important place like Jerusalem would be in a fixed spot Besides, the nestorium, a Romas) residence with idolatrous emblems, could not have been within the Temple.

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