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NEITHER of us had the Btrongth to tear out thr- coupon, so we thought It would be easier io go along to a gym upturn and give it a look over.

eag- erly, "And we'd fit them willi brum rails with plates for the counter lunch and we could hm« all the barmaids In uniform and, .

ie *-ii Mini«Mi T"alll, (io Nrnimt- ill ivonlj U, t \o liknl u in- ■iul«r*r • il I In.- Knvdl Tnuii K i» t Unv rtiur Uontrii), Itiil.

Tret Ticndtnu accircy l» ticltic Ujsej Tiwt A former Aiir Ttralbi Q Governor co Jd nie that wiicii nofi."fni L']n-tincd women cannot rakw UHarv- «-ives to trm rjocia J helghia ai Laiiietl by i cabaret artri who ui Brriei Intn thp | npbllitj Matter of Prestige 'piornn the Ordrr vt thr nnilah Em- pire la a novated aju) dijc Uaruhhr J hrrnoh It U jxiinte U out I'm: thr t O&al jimtlrr «Uaehitif (a the wnntftu ad- dreurct j« "I.j rj * A " ii amleatabfy .: n- .11 it taan Uiat areordrd ■ Tontan mn.o "■i a "tilepl closely Beoociaced with £1 Martin In the *or;at Loou] r ami other scientific work of Mas Ealr* Is a Uo well known fpr her liin/n Jta Hs Uin; laika itvci tie' lectures nn Siu) hna done much rrneurcli work on laielll Beiicft t rata, 'ami hftlevtei that Mine ,.| , f .,y, rr whr v Uiled I In* ru-lta^ and uw the lai RF ramily and ihc ktnoll arrom- mudatlun available.

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Then, preceding ibelr JJn Jesiles, I he Royal Horse Artillery, the Queen's Bays, the Prince of Wales Dragoons, the Innlski Jl Ing Dra- goons, (he (jueen's Own Hussars, the Queen's Royal lancers sail Kins'h Huvh I l-imcer* nil In full rr-iiimen ULls, which have 1101 beefl seen In London Bince pre-WBr days.

tf-S National Library of Australia 10 The AUSTRALIAN WOMEN'S WEEKLi Suturduv, Way J I.

Btxaluu fimouji con- r»rrt ansrr^ announrjng hp-r iiitimdcd mnrriiw with m New Zwi Jundfrr.

1 "xperle Alt II for they Prince ot Walea' igton I.undti Ti.

o o o 'Pll El'l E ttfitolc trrri K Ujt^X vilft 1 v*ry low [|(Tn)k*Lcs fllloi In a 1 !

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