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Poroshenko celebrated the "heroism" of soldiers hoisting the national flag over the strategic rebel-held port of Mariupol.

He proclaimed the industrial Sea of Azov city the new temporary capital of Donetsk - an eastern rustbelt region overrun by pro-Russian gunmen for the past two months.

His deputy told reporters that 30 pro-Russian gunmen had been captured in a coordinated push involving special forces that saw rebels driven from the city's seat of power they had reoccupied about a month ago.

The region's main administration building in Donetsk remains under rebel control.

The United States accused Russia of sending tanks and rocket launchers to pro-Moscow rebels in Ukraine as Kiev's resurgent forces hoisted the national flag over a strategic rebel-held port amid fears of possible Russian gas cuts.

Moscow said Ukrainian tanks had crossed the border into its territory before being intercepted, a day after Ukraine alleged that three tanks had crossed from Russia into its territory, underscoring the growing tensions between Kiev and Moscow.

Poroshenko's troubles have been compounded by the threat of Ukraine being cut off from economically-vital Russian gas shipments as early as Monday morning because of a bitter price dispute.

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk told regional administrations and the heads of the state energy company to prepare for the consequences of a possible gas cut by implementing a plan for reduced energy use.

In Riga yesterday Raimonds Vejonis, Latvia’s defence minister, said: “The EU and Nato will not be surprised if Russia intends to do something like that.The same types of rocket launcher was seen travelling through Lugansk.NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen warned that reports of pro-Russian groups in eastern Ukraine acquiring heavy weapons from Russia, including tanks, would mark a "serious escalation" of the crisis if confirmed.Students in Riga switch effortlessly between Russian and Latvian.“We are in Nato and if Russia starts a war, it would be a war with the whole world.

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