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He identified that there was an electrical fluid that could flow from A to B.

To describe the process he coined the terms , but remember: this was 1747; J. Thomson’s discovery of the electron lay 150 years in the future!

Franklin was an original thinker, scientist and inventor.

Dating his inventions is not always easy, because Franklin did not patent them.

Knowing the area, he then knew the height of the film, something like three nanometers in our current units.

In summer 1743, Franklin visited his hometown of Boston.

(In those days, scientists were called philosophers.) The Society offered a scientific forum for new ideas, including Franklin’s electrical theories.

When he was twelve, Benjamin began working as an apprentice in a printing shop owned by one of his elder brothers, James.

When his brother started printing a newspaper, Benjamin wrote to it in the name of “Mrs. Aged 17, Benjamin Franklin left for Philadelphia, escaping from his apprenticeship, which was against the law. After a few months in Philadelphia he left for London, England, where he learned more about printing, before returning to Philadelphia at the age of 20 to continue his printing career.

Much more heat was lost up the flue than necessary.

He decided to redesign the stove using the concept of heat-exchange/heat recovery.

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