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Construction of the Green Mountain Reservoir Dam began in 1938 as part of the Colorado Big-Thompson Project.The Knorr Ranch once existed at the basin of the present-day Green Mountain Reservoir waters and was relocated to land at a higher elevation surrounding the reservoir to accommodate the project.Sojern creates custom ads for 320 Guest Ranch and using smart algorithms and trusted data partners, places the ads in front of guests in-market for their property.These ads drive guests directly to 320 Guest Ranch’s website.All of our row crop and pasture land is certified organic and managed using the principles of Holistic Management.

320 Guest Ranch has a long history—dating back to 1898 when it was originally a mere 160-acre homestead.

There are expansive lawns and Mediterranean gardens.

We manage our diverse landscape in partnership with nature and livestock to build healthy soil, increase biodiversity, and create abundance.

The historic Knorr Ranch is offered for sale at ,438,000 by the original owners.

1125 Contiguous acres including 1.4 miles Green Mountain Reservoir frontage and significant water recourses, the Ranch is poised with the potential to create a renaissance in Summit County, just as the Green Mountain Reservoir Project did all those years ago.

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