Putting women on a pedestal dating

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Sometimes the pedestal makes us reluctant to tell someone when they have hurt us.

Gratitude can make us reluctant to ask for what we need–we tell ourselves “they have done so much for me already” and it feels burdensome and ungracious to ask for more.

Love is not turning a blind eye it is having both eyes wide open.

Infatuation is putting someone on a pedestal and seeing who you want to see not who/how they actually are.

However, there can be some negative consequences to the pedestal phenomenon.

Sometimes when we over-appreciate someone we become blind to aspects of our interactions with them that are harmful or negligent of our own needs.

Assessing is realistically seeing a person for who they are and deciding if those red flags, those warts, are a good fit for you. By keeping a budding relationship slow in the beginning, keeping the sex out of it for at least several months then gives you the opportunity to see who your potential partner really is. You overlook some of his bad behavior and make excuses for his inappropriateness. You ignore what you need for the sake of the relationship. They have mutual respect and connect with one another, emotionally and physically. Shaky ground is created, at least in terms of the health of the relationship.Maybe this is what was modeled to her in her family of origin.They aren’t magical angelic creatures made from God’s tears. Visualize this, and the point becomes even more clear: A woman’s idealization of her man means she remains beneath him.

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