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"This is especially true when in comes to dating because you are drawn to someone's physical attractiveness," she says. Scuderi, a 38-year-old lawyer from Naples who participated in the speed-dating event in San Carlos Park, says beauty is an effective calling card. I can tell if I like a person in a few seconds," the former prosecutor says, explaining that he usually sizes people up before they open their mouths.

But he argues that love at first sight is hocus-pocus. "Sure, you can be attracted to a person in five minutes, but there's no real connection." "I think it gives you a taste; and perhaps you want to meet up again." This is the second speed-dating event Scuderi's been to in the past six months. This is an opportunity to meet other people in my age group." Jon did make a match with Lori from Estero, but to his disappointment Lori didn't provide contact information on her registration materials. Soon after, though I began feeling uneasy about agreeing to second dates.

Veronica had a good heart: A behavior therapist for autistic children. Both parties are equipped with a worksheet on which they write down their date's name, and notes about the interaction.

No online dating profile for the world to see.27 Years’ Experience working with single professionals.

" "Well," I say, "it could be one of many things: you didn't make a good impression, I just wasn't interested or I forgot." Phyllis wasn't amused. There are at least 15 other women gathered here at Carson's American Bistro in San Carlos Park whose name I haven't misplaced. This is speed dating: The style of rapid-fire courtship that has lured singles in cities throughout the United States for more than a decade crept into southwest Florida last week in the form of a Relay for Life fund-raiser (a non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer).

Her face flush with shock, "What am I supposed to think if you can't even remember my name on the first date?

The study found that people will continue to use a site that made a good first impression, confirming that their initial reaction was correct.

"If you remember in your life, the most important events are those things we do first," she says. Driving a car." "We call it the primacy effect," she says.

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