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Despite the hot scenes in this book, the great potential of the hero and heroine's personal growth was never fully met and left the ending of the book a little flat for me. Actually really enjoyed this book and the way the characters interacted.

Felt drawn in to story enjoyed this different version of a mystery date.

Dan jangan salah, walaupun terjemahan, bisa bikin kipas-kipas sewaktu membacanya, jadi penasaran ini disensor apa kaga. Most Harlequins have a point of view of the hero and heroine. The entire time I was reading this book I felt like the main character, Leigh, was a call girl.

But this book had an additional person's point of vi I wouldn't classify this book as romance at all. There wasn't a romantic feeling in this entire book and I'm really surprised that this came from Harlequin.

Chris is pumped about her Vampire Babylon series for Ace, which is best described as "noir fantasy-mysteries" featuring a vamp hunter.

The first five books, NIGHT RISING, MIDNIGHT REIGN, BREAK OF DAWN (which compose the first trilogy), plus A DROP OF RED and THE PATH OF RAZORS (the first two books in the second trilogy) have already been released.

And while there were some good moments in the story, it fell a little short for me in character development.

Romances are meant to be fantasies, but I prefer mine to fulfill the emotional fantasy as well as the physical.

Leigh hanya berkomunikasi dengan pria tersebut melalui telepon, akan tetapi Leigh merasa pria itu sudah lama mengenal dirinya.

Adam Morgan sudah tertarik dengan Leigh semasa kuliah dan belum sempat mengenal Leigh begitu jauh, ALeigh Vaughn, host acara masak country, tidak menyangka bahwa keranjang kencannya dimenangkan senilai lima ribu dolar saat reuni perkumpulan mahasiswanya.

Yang lebih membuatnya penasaran, pembelinya tidak mau mengungkap identitasnya bahkan sampai pada hari kencan itu tiba.

While moving to Southern California, Kentucky , then back to California , she amused herself by writing poetry and short stories featuring the ultimate Alpha males--Superman and Indiana Jones.

Later, a Pseudonym for Chris Marie Green and Christine Cody A long time ago, in a land far, far away (Milwaukee , WI , St.

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