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xoxoxoxoxoxo- Jaclyn So, I had a pretty shitty week. But we learn from the bad in life, and if we are smart we use the bad to create something good…like in my case it is art. If you haven’t checked her out please do Sally is one of my favorite people ever! Whether it is a friendship, a co-worker, or someone you are dating, a lack of communication can cause a lot of trouble. #29.) Sometimes you need therapy, its all good, so see one. So, I have comprised a list of shitty people you probably work with or will have the honor of working with.

#2.) Not everyone is going to like you, who gives a fuck. #7.) We all fucking die, chase the person you love even if you think you’re going to get burned… #9.) Fucking is cool too as long as nobody gets hurt. #1.) The bimbo who does absolutely nothing, but gets ahead because she fucked the right guy.

#4.) Don’t use drugs to make you thin, you will get fat again. #11.) If he was a bad guy at once it doesnt mean he is now, people change, people grow. #2.) The moron who is pointless, does not do their job well, but continues to get chance after chance before finally getting fired.#14.) Kissing is the best, it takes you back to high school, nothing like teen love. #3.) The person who takes their job wayyyyyy too seriously!#15.) You have to learn from your mistakes, if you continue to do the same shit you’re a fucking moron. I once worked with an over competitive chick at a popular sunglass store who was so competitive about selling 0 worth of plastic.It took me 5 years to get a Bachelor’s of Arts degree…LOL. I don’t want to hurt people, because hurting people will hurt me. When I was 11, I wanted to be a movie director, and an actress.I used to ditch my classes, and I tried to take science and math in the same semester…freshmen year not a good choice. I always wanted to be in the entertainment industry. When I was little I used to have conversations with myself in the mirror, and instead of taking me to therapy, my mother thought oh my kid is going to win an Oscar. I did take acting classes as a kid, and perform in talent shows, but whatever nothing ever came of it, besides we lived in Arizona, and I never had the ability to get any big auditions. I was a pretty good serious actress, and I wasn’t afraid of showing my sadness, or the anger I had built up inside me, because I was pissed at my parents, or sad that the kids at school picked on me a lot (because they did when you’re shy & awkward you’re just a target). I always knew that I was far more special than those kids.

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