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Fragance is owned by one of the pioneers of embryo transfer in Belgium, veterinarian, Joris de Brabander, and the mare has produced an incredible 34 foals to date, including the two top ten stallions in France (on the basis of mares covered) – Mylord Cathago (by Carthago) and Norton d’Eole (by Cento).

Joris de Bradander is a hard guy to pin down in front of a microphone, but I finally pinned him down at Aachen in 2014 where four of the horses in the Nations Cup had been bred by Joris – London and Golden Hawk, both out of the same daughter of Chin Chin, Ta Belle van Sombeke.

My Lord, I offer you my thoughts: to be fixed on you; My words: to have you for their theme; My actions: to reflect my love for you; My sufferings: to be endured for your greater glory.

I want to do what you ask of me: In the way you ask, For as long as you ask, Because you ask it.

We will see if Mylord Carthago is his first male to figure in the upper levels of the world classification some day.

In 2010, they won the 1.55 class at Paris, and lead the French team to victory at Aachen with a double clear.There's no consistent, ordered linguistic reason for this; honorifics are formulaic and archaic, and reflect the particular milieu of their origin more than anything about the language.Most English honorifics are in 2nd/3rd person—Your/His Majesty, Your/Her Grace, Your/Her Eminence; Your/His Honor.We were very lucky when we started to embryo transfer, at that moment we could breed with good jumping horses, competition horses.” “I was looking for a very good breeding mare in France and I studied all the bloodlines.Eventually I found this family and saw that her sire, Jalisco was a very good competition horse and at this time one of the best stallions, and her mother was one of the good French competition mares. I first found her on paper then I tried to find the owner and the breeder, then I tried to buy her.” “We start breeding with them when they are very very young.

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