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For many, leaving a porn addiction behind involves changing several aspects of their lives.

Willpower and "white knuckling" are rarely sufficient to recover from this addiction.

These guys like to get tips from people who watch them get off.

The website simply provides for a place to make all of this possible.

While we don't have a " recovery program" at YBOP, this section contains suggestions and tools employed by those who successfully rebooted.

A collection of the best "rebooting advice" posts are located here - Rebooting Advice & Observations The links at the bottom of the page contain many sub-links.

You can always look forward to hot encounters with sexy naked men of different ages.When you remove one source of dopamine (porn) it's vitally important to replace it with other, healthy sources of dopamine.As you consider which additional tools to try, keep in mind that heavy porn use is actually a synthetic substitute for the activities that naturally help keep your brain in balance.Not surprisingly, the most common tools employed include exercise, time in nature, creative activities, meditation, healthy diet, and socializing.Some of these naturally rewarding activities you can do by yourself, while others require human interaction. "I noticed when I want to stop a habit, it's stupidly hard, but I realized that displacing a habit with another is much easier.

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