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“Civil rights was the most interesting thing, the most challenging issue that was on the table at that time,” said Relin, now a social worker in Washington state. “We decided that we would go for people in the news,” Relin recalled.“I started writing letters in the spring and then, when we came back in the fall, the person who seemed to show the most interest, and seemed to be the most interesting for us, was Malcolm X.” As it happens, their efforts coincided with a radical shift in Malcolm X’s personal and political philosophy.“We said, ‘We want to have reminiscences from people who were there, and we’d also like to figure out what the black students were doing at the time,’” explained Miller.The professors sent e-mails to graduates from the classes of 1965–1968 and asked them to send in their recollections of Malcolm X’s visit. I remember I was mesmerized, I was intrigued, he was speaking in a way that was very hopeful,’” said Miller.

On school breaks Relin, Friedman, and other committee members traveled to southern colleges to witness segregation firsthand; then, they would welcome southern students to visit integrated schools in New York and meet with other activists and policy makers.Like Malcolm X, said Kassanoff, the two students “were both interested in gaining knowledge, in reevaluating old certainties, in testing, perhaps, old prejudices.That idea of a dynamic evolution really struck me as being the essence of this story.” BUILDING THE BARNARD ARCHIVE If telling the story of Malcolm X’s last public speech was one reason for organizing the commemoration, professors Kassanoff and Miller had an additional goal—to help grow Barnard’s archive, especially relating to Barnard’s black women’s history.I mean, why would Malcolm X have come to Barnard College?” Yet, in putting on the event, they discovered that Barnard was exactly the type of institution where he relished speaking, especially as he began to adopt a more inclusive approach.

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