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Though born in Kentucky, Ferrell spent some time living in Eustis, Florida, where he met Heather Wendorf at their school.Wendorf was immediately drawn to Ferrell and was fascinated by the “vampire clan” that he ran back in Kentucky.

Drew was a pimp who used Satanism to terrify the prostitutes who worked for him.The pair claimed they were going to leave 54-year-old Ruth unharmed, but she came across the two teenagers in her home and threw hot coffee on Ferrell, which angered him into beating her to death as well.Ferrell then burned his symbol, a letter V, into Richard Wendorf’s body, before stealing his car and picking up the girls.When one of the girls called her mother to ask for cash, the police quickly tracked down the clan. Ferrell was given a death sentence, making him the youngest person on death row at the time (his sentence was later reduced to life in prison).Heather Wendorf was acquitted of involvement in the crimes after a grand jury found she did not know what Ferrell intended to do.

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