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I had to stop using Earth Balance because I found out I was soy intolerant but now Earth Balance has a soy free version(as you mentioned) so I have been using that. Have you tried the Original Whipped version of Earth Balance? It's a lot harder to find than the original variety.I did buy the Becel vegan to try, and it tastes like regular becel, not really like butter. It might have only been the Original version, so it might depend which type you're looking for. I've done special orders there before, and it might take awhile, but it might be worth it.Now months later, I am on a strict, 30 days of vegan diet, so I decided to buy some Earth Balance. Even when I revert back to a normal diet, I will continue to buy EB.It may not seem as spreadable, but I don't have any problems putting it on toast or soft bread.Colour is added later because clear oil does not look natural.

After about a week of not using it the taste went away.Remember to read the labels of any food you’re planning to consume. We have three kids, two of whom are in elementary school. Is there something else I can use that would help the bread slide down a little easier for them and would not be a separate item that I would use for baking and preparing my own sandwiches? i don't like corn products being used in earth balance. we mass produce corn to feed mass produced animals. i don't use either products, i use peanut butter or hummus if i need to spread.I purchased some earth Balance buttery spread and then had a look at the ingredients listed........Like a few other commentors, I too like the taste of Earth Balance and have been using it moderately for the past 10 years.I bought a tub of Becel Vegan one day when I needed margarine but wasn't near a health food store.

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