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The question is, just how many versions of the story does one need? Hogan brought to the screen his vision of the boy who would never grow up and having just viewed it on DVD, I can proclaim with all honesty that it shall forever be the definitive version of Peter Pan. Through the spectacular use of CGI, Hogan brings us a wondrous and beautiful Neverland never before realized on film.Please don't despair, as it turns out, the latest may just be the greatest of them all. From the opening scenes in London and the flight to Neverland, to the snow encased ship of Captain Hook and his Pirates, each scene is rendered in illustrious detail.With each movement, Tinkerbelle emits a shining sparkling cloud of fairy dust that fills the screen like a thousand Independence Day Sparklers.

He cannot love, and will not love, and is firm in his resolve to stay a boy forever.These are just a few of the many magical, charming, and energizing moments throughout Peter Pan.As for the story, it pretty much sticks to previous incarnations we've seen in the books, films, and on Broadway.She was full of spunk and energy, and certainly had the physical frame for the role but you could still see the wires.Then Stephen Spielberg tried his hand at it, bringing us Robin Williams as a grown up Peter Pan, Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook and even Julia Roberts as Tinkerbelle.

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