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"Among all of the users in Facebook's dataset, a full 51.4 per cent chose "haha" and its derivatives (which include "hahaha," and "haahhhaa") to laugh.Emojis were the second-most popular way to laugh online, with 33.7 per cent of the users studied choosing the pictographic icons, and "hehe" was preferred by another 12.7 per cent. The one-time juggernaut of internet humour made up only 1.9 per cent of all e-laughter analyzed.

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A breakdown of Facebook's data by age, gender and geographic location suggests the opposite, however, by showing that "haha" is still the most common type of e-laughter across all age groups, from 13-70.There were some other findings in the analysis which you can review here, but the last one is particularly interesting: Laughter really does vary by region.Not necessarily the frequency, but the types of laughs we choose.We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.Team "hehe united", also known as "hehe", is a team that has consisted of many players from various European countries.

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