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This week: how climate change is reshaping communities, the detrimental effects of...

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More than just an online school, our students have the opportunity to enroll full-time or take up to five online classes as part of their regular school day through our supplemental program.Johnny worked mainly as a deck hand; Dorsey worked as an oiler.After work they would go back to Memphis and perform songs in local bars with a varying array of sidemen, including another former Golden Gloves champion, Paul Burlison, whom Dorsey had met at an amateur boxing tournament in Memphis in 1949.After leaving high school, Burnette tried his hand at becoming a professional boxer, but after one fight with a sixty-dollar purse and a broken nose or an encounter with Norris Ray, a top paycheck of 0, he decided to quit boxing.He went to work on barges traversing the Mississippi River, where Dorsey also worked.

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