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" and "soup's on", then feebly walks over to join the rest of the ponies.She speaks more coherently in Griffon the Brush Off, when she mistakes Gilda's tail for a rattlesnake.In fact, her design is very similar to the concept art of Applejack by Lauren Faust.The most noticeable difference between the two, aside from their differing cutie marks and color schemes, is their hair: the young Granny Smith wore her mane and her tail in an extremely intricate braid.Bright Mac (son)Pear Butter (daughter-in-law)Applejack (granddaughter)Apple Bloom (granddaughter)Big Mc Intosh (grandson)Apple Rose (cousin)Auntie Applesauce (aunt)Goldie Delicious (cousin)Apple family Tabitha St.

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Despite her hip, she, Big Mc Intosh, and Applejack wield farm tools behind a barricade in anticipation of a destructive parasprite swarm in Swarm of the Century, and she cheers for Applejack in Fall Weather Friends when she competes against Rainbow Dash.During her presentation to the class, Granny Smith explains how she discovered the magical zap apples when she ventured into the Everfree Forest to find food for her family.The jam made from the magical zap apples was so delicious, that ponies gathered from all over Equestria to taste it.She first appears in Friendship is Magic, part 1 as the last member of the Apple family whom Applejack introduces to Twilight Sparkle.She wakes up and gets out of her rocking chair, mumbles a few words like "what?

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