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Unguligrade is used for hoofed animals such as horses or deer.

A partial suit or half-suit contains the above, only without the body.

These items are mainly sold online, with many makers owning sites dedicated to their suits.

Suiting paraphernalia is often sold at "Furry Conventions." Furries may make their own using online tutorials and/or advice, or have hobbyist or professional fursuit maker or company assist them. There are partials and fullsuits (along with several categories stemming from them.

However, some cities have no-mask laws, so individuals seeking to wear their fursuit in large, public places should check first if it's allowed before performing at that location.

If the desired character is bouncy and bubbly, then acting that way is required to communicate it to spectators.

The design of the suit plays a part in some of the moves that can be done.

Suits that cover the whole body, or fullsuits, come with a head, a bodysuit, feetpaws, forepaws (hands), and a tail.

There are three main types of fullsuits; the plantigrade, the digitgrade, and the unguligrade.

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