From friends to dating advice

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The question is directed toward me, but the girl I’m sitting next to blushes a bright red.

I fumble with my fork, unprepared for the question.

Many a college student have graduated their university only to end up angry and confused because they followed career advice hand-picked by their parents.

All of this may sound frightening, but remember that courage comes in the form of speaking the truth.

Though several years have passed and both of us are married, the damage was so intense we’ve never been able to reconcile.

Out of that relationship, however, I’ve learned that sometimes well-meaning advice is actually .

So the next time that twisting in your soul occurs to let you know something isn’t right — listen to your gut.

No one likes being in the “friend zone.” It’s like the scene from Superman where Zod and his buddies get sent to the Phantom Zone. If you’re the one who has romantic feelings, you might be embarrassed to share them for fear of rejection.

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