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If your child’s shark teeth don’t resolve on their own within a couple of weeks, it would be a good idea to have your dentist take a look at what’s going on.

Your child’s dentist will be able to remove the baby teeth from your child’s mouth if needed, and this usually resolves the problem.

I’ll even sprinkle in a couple of pictures so you can check to see if this is what is happening with your child.

Here’s a close-view of the lower jaw of a child with his permanent lower incisors coming in behind his baby incisors.

The bosses of the long-running PBS-turned-HBO children’s series filed a jury trial-seeking complaint Thursday, and today a federal judge moved the company closer to getting the temporary restraining order it seeks by setting a May 30 hearing in NYC.

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However, if they don’t, there are certain things a dentist can do to resolve the problem.Rest assured, permanent teeth coming in behind baby teeth is an emergency!Ordinarily, as the permanent teeth push up, the roots of the baby teeth dissolve and the baby tooth eventually falls out, allowing the permanent teeth to come in.The child’s parent commented that hours after this picture was taken, one of the baby teeth fell out.So sometimes the body can even correct the problem on its own!

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