Error validating the port in mtn

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If it was something special to do in game to unlock them, that'd be different.Like give me a special event unlock in game that you gotta earn/pay for.That's probably the coolest cardback in the game in my opinion and I was pretty upset with that but Okay, so don't. I don't understand why everyone feels so entitled for free shit.Obviously if it's not available in your country that's unacceptable, but Blizzard could have easily just charged for for it like they have in the past. I haven't bothered getting any of them cause they are all either partnered with stuff I wouldn't use, or to do something completely unrelated to HS.I think it's absurd that there's people on here who are like "yeah fucking deal with it, you arbitrarily-left out foreigners."Even if I didn't get the skin I'm glad that I went through the process. Its not exactly the most legal thing, but unless you steal or something you're fine. Not enough people bought the skins so blizzard figuring out different ways to generate revenue from said skins.

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They signed me up for a full year of Prime too when I went to get it.

I already cancelled the trial and Amazon confirmed me im not being charged a dime. On a related note, if you are buying digital content and your state/country taxes it, you can change your primary address to a state that doesn't (iirc I used south dakota) and the tax will go away.

Right, so we're required to be dishonest in order to get something the rest of the world gets for free without a problem We're required to commit minor identity fraud.

Maybe, just maybe, and I don't wanna sound crazy here or nothin, but maybe don't charge 15 fucking dollars for a couple of gifs, maybe charge something reasonable and they'll sell like hotcakes... Those new heroes also include new spell animations (still pretty cheap, but a bit harder than adding slight movement effect to an existing asset), card backs and, most importantly, VO in 8 languages, which can get pretty expensive depending on the region. You need to link your valid credit card and "your" city/state/road/zip etc. Get key for tyrande from twitch and cancel prime subscription. What is so scummy about adding a skin to the game that has literally 0 effect on anything except aesthetically.

It's a promotion and Blizzard have already said they are looking into other ways to make it available to other regions.

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