Double your dating mr right

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The author, an expert in psychology, communication and behaviour, has interviewed a lot of men and women in many genuine dating situations.

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We get dissuaded from what (or rather whom) we really want — things like pressure from our friends and family and society at large often get in the way — and we forget to date with "purpose" as House says., one of the things couples crave is more independence from each other. Right comes with a heavy pressure of commitment whereas Mr.

Right Now gives you a little more wiggle room to explore your own interests.

And dating is often more about discovering yourself than it is about finding another person. Right Now, you're keeping yourself open to possibilities and as long as the other person understands that too, what could be wrong with that?

"Maybe you are in the self-exploration and growth phase, and your purpose is expanding yourself, experiencing different people, places and things so you can enjoy a more layered and dynamic life as you become more interesting and therefore irresistible?

The first time I went on a date with Fred, I knew it wouldn’t work out.

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