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You cannot see how he or she treats others or behaves under pressure.

And such things are critical in determining if he or she is someone you can come to trust and love.

“I was disillusioned by dating offline and on, and felt that even my friends would never send me on blind dates, as the nice men were all married or busy with young kids.

When the opportunity arose to run Rendezvous in 2014 I was excited at the opportunity to create something that people like me really need – a safe place to meet, connect and have fun.” Rendezvous London has been around for 10 years and in 2016 we are launching our second location in Ascot.

Armed with the power of choice, it may seem that dating on-line is more efficient and less stressful than face-to-face encounters. Does dating in cyberspace really lead to lasting happiness? “On the Internet,” said one newspaper article, “everyone tends to be attractive, honest, and successful.” But how realistic is the information people provide about themselves? (Luke ) How confident can you be about other things the person might say about more serious issues, such as personal goals?

Well, consider this: During a six-year period, one matchmaking service had 11 million subscribers. Another dating service with over a million members listed only 75 confirmed marriages! Another news article put it this way: “It is taken for granted that everyone lies a little.” An editor of a popular teen magazine did some personal research into this claim. The Bible says: “Speak truthfully with one another.” (Zechariah ) Yes, honesty provides the foundation for a relationship that can grow. The result is a positive-feedback loop: they seem nice and interested in you, so you’re nice and interested in them.” As a professor at New York’s Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute who studies on-line relationships observes, a strong attachment may form very readily in such circumstances.

She has also created, ran and sold the lingerie brand “Spoylt” and had her own residential interior design business.

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Her effervescent personality and natural matchmaking inclinations allow Ascot party-goers to enjoy meeting people for friendship and romance.

We had not even known each other a month and had not yet met in person.”​—Monika, Austria.* YOU would really like to meet someone​—someone you can get to know, someone you might want to marry.

I was supposed to take care of the engagement rings.

At each event Rendezvous’ special team of introducers make sure everyone is meeting new people and enjoying themselves – no one is neglected.

Barbara is an entrepreneur with a background in events and fashion – she was one of the co-founders of legendary London nightclub Fabric.

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