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The windage can then be adjusted by respectively slackening and tightening the appropriate knurled knobs, whose set-screws bear on the ends of the No.19 dovetail. The exact date on which production finished is not presently known to us. Finally, BSA manufactured "take-down" versions of some of their sporting and TARGET RIFLES .

A sling eye seemed by then to be a standard fitting to the front of the fore-end, in addition to the original one under the barrel. The No.19 sight tunnel's own dovetail is arranged to slide comparatively freely in the adapter's dovetailed groove. We have acquired some original test cards from a Model 12 and, considering how the accuracy of ammunition has improved since then, the groups would put some well-known more modern small-bore TARGET RIFLES to shame!

No's 20 and 30 sights cost £7-5s-0d, whilst the Model 12f rifle, with Parker-Hale Model 2 fore-sight and No.7 rear-sight was again priced at £7-5s-0d.

Jeffrey James Weise (August 8, 1988 – March 21, 2005) was an American teenage mass murderer and spree killer, who was a student at Red Lake Senior High School in Red Lake, Minnesota, located on the reservation of the Ojibwe people.

he Parker-Hale Dewar rifle of 1930 was built up from the Model 12 action. Model 2 tunnel fore-sight (the design evolved into the Model 22). He advises us that the band/mount fitting is a casting, not individually or custom made, and he believes it may well have been fitted as an option when the rifle was new. The Model 6 rifle is also shown on its' reference page in an earlier, non-split receiver, take-down form. It has been suggested that the basic design of such a system was originally invented by "W. Below: the barrel and action separated by the "quick release" system in which the lever is rotated to release the clamping action on the barrel breeching thread, when the barrel can be unscrewed from the body.

Our thanks to the contributor, Tony Cattermole, collector and shooter, on whose Model No.12 rifle this fore-sight resides. We show below three images of a Model 12 rifle so configured; with thanks to Eric and Phil for providing them. Greener was another manufacturer who offered a number of his own rifles as "take-down" models, using a similar, but not quite identical, system to that used by BSA on this Model 12, in which the action body was split vertically down its centre-line of its' forward section to enable it to be clamped upon the barrel breeching thread.

~ n another of (by then Captain) Robinson's books, "Rifle and target"- 1930, he states that the Model 12 was the first target rifle with a 'wide target fore-end'. rifles had a suffix system of lettering, after the model number, to identify the specification of manufacture or accessories fitted; i.e.: 8a, 8b, 10a, etc. ~ he 1927 edition of "Small-bore Rifle Shooting" by E. Did this refer to the Model 12 'target fore-end', as opposed to the woodwork on the early Models 6 & 8, which was smaller, or did B. Also, most auctioneers are unwilling to state the Model number, with good reason - models are confusing in appearance, often modified or updated, and identification is therefore not at all easy - thus a serial number cannot always be attributed to a Model 12; only the fact that it was doubtlessly the model with the greatest production is an indication that the highest numbers are Model 12 rifles.

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It has only one lug or ear on the bottom of the element, unlike the Parker-Hale Models 2 or 22, which have one lug on each side. 2, 20, & 22 sights were dove-tailed into the barrel itself.

His case revived the public discussion about the use of Prozac for children and adolescents; the US Food and Drug Administration had published a warning about it in October 2004 as a factor in increased suicides and violence among youths.

an unmarried Ojibwe couple from the Red Lake Indian Reservation in Red Lake, Minnesota.

Query: I am the proud owner of a Model 12 that I have owned for 30 years. Thanks very much, any info will be greatly appreciated. John Knibbs ( John Knibbs International; worked at BSA for many years and nowadays sells spares for a cross-section of their cartridge and air rifles.

The rifle was advertised as a basic No.12 with open sights at £5-12s-0d, and with B. For those who may be seeking such information, we copy one such enquiry and, in part, our reply below. Is there any info on the approximate manufacture date? in production for more than 30 years, with most manufactured between the two World Wars, and an as yet undiscovered total production figure, accurately dating a Model 12 is not something we have not been able to easily achieve.

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