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An unsmiling group of men, 19th century Americans it seemed, were playing croquet in front of a wooden building in a rural setting. This was only the second known photograph of the Wild West’s most infamous outlaw. Collecting vintage photographs can be a voyage of discovery.Just like with books, you probably shouldn’t collect photographs for financial gain. Abe Books has sold a number of them over the years.It’s always recommended that you establish a budget and stick to it. Here, guys dish on photos, profiles, and all the things you’re doing right and wrong to get their attention.For recommended photography books, check out “The History of Photography from 1839 to the Present Day” by Beaumont Newhall, “A History of Photography: From 1839 to the Present” by William Johnson, “A World History of Photography” by Naomi Rosenblum, and “The Art of Photography: An Approach to Personal Expression” by Bruce Barnbaum. It could be the work from a specific era, process, photographer or studio or a specific sub-category of images such as portraits, landscapes, families, children, military, or entertainment figures. Photo postcards are one option and are still created today.

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The names of the following photographers should mean a great deal to you: Ansel Adams, Lewis Hine, Robert Frank, Walker Evans, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Dorothea Lange, Brassaï, Mathew Brady, Alfred Stieglitz, Irving Penn, Diane Arbus, Edward Weston, and Edward Curtis. Subject matter: From people (including signed images) to landscapes. Photographer: From Ansel Adams to an obscure wedding snapper. Intended usage: From a family memento to a Hollywood publicity handout.

But not everyone can pull off a selfie, and those who do should probably take them sparingly, if academic research is to be believed.

For men, professional head shots and photos with facial hair were rated the highest and, for women, photos showing the person singing or playing an instrument, playing a sport or wearing a bikini were rated the highest, according to one survey of 2,000 profiles by The Grade dating app.

The best profiles are short and convey that a girl is open-minded.” –Will, 31“I would bypass a profile if a woman's profile said that a guy ‘needs to make me laugh.’ Don’t just tell me what you need a guy to do for you—emphasize the traits you find most attractive.

If you say you like ‘a guy who doesn't take himself too seriously,’ this gives me insight into your personality.” –Dan, 32“I like when her profile shows a little sarcasm and spunk.

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