Dating man 20 years older than me

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His parents and his late wifes parents are all involved and included completely and accepted & accepting completely. This is just one example of several I personally know ...... Age is just a number......the attraction is there .. It hurts both of their feelings, but sometimes the truth hurts.I know that sounds callous, but that's reality.Have you ever considered that he may be giving you the attention and care you want simply because he wants your affection? Even though I consult him on things, it doesn't mean I'm a puppy who follows behind him in life, just happy to be petted lol.This has nothing to do with sex, it's about something much deeper... I respect the hell out if him, but I also see his flaws, and I don't hero worship him.My friends are usually ok with it, but they don't understand it.He doesn't really hang out with my friends, because the interests between him and my friends are different.

Your parents being upset is completely understandable.I am comfortable five years either way, outside of the range they better be very exceptional for me to consider, but definitely not 22 years.i tried it for about a was great even with the age gap we could just get lost in the momments.however i didn't think it would last, she finally gave into the pressure from friends and family to find someone more her i guess if hes rich enuf to afford a young bedmate why not, maybe he will put u in his will, lotsa guys want younger girls, i guess why dont u ask ur parents how they feel,ya looking for a sugar daddy? Could it be his money that she's attracted to though? an age difference forumheres what I posted yesterday on another one Of course it can work. You will be a very different person in 5 or 10 years... and msschif ur gettin on fine are ya , is that why ya lookin for an intimate encounter? Virtually all the people that ask me out are considerably younger than me. Trust me, I've been in therapy for many, many years to come to that conclusion about my parents lol. I started seeing a therapist; my family was dysfunctional.When I started seeing my bf in college, I started seeing a therapist at school because all of the conflict with my parents and siblings.

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