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I would like a machine that you plug into your microphone and it makes it sound as if you are singing in harmony. I used one years ago well the person I was singing with who played the guitar pressed a pedal on a machine on the floor he pressed it on a chorus it was fantastic.

Can you help please is a multi-functional vocal synth processor.

This one comes with a new Stew-Mac truss rod adjustment tool (shown here) since someone used a wrong size allen key at some point, but the Stew-Mac tool is beveled and made for this very purpose.

Lettering on the pickups is still in nice shape which usually indicates a guitar hasn't seen much playing time.

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2 full year of Strat Plus production in beautiful shape, especially for 30 years.

This is an excellent playing guitar and I personally love the original Lace Sensors so the sound is superb. Other controls are the normal 5-way with volume, tone, and TBX. Frets are near perfect as is the lettering on the Laces.

Edges of fretboard arent worn and that happens rather quickly once these are played regularly.

The Voice Box has an easy-to-use vocoder, allowing you to easily create classic vocoder sounds.

Additionally, the Voice Box has an Octave mode, Whistle effect and a Unison effect.

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