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In fact, here are some of the things women have told me when I asked them, "What would you say to guys who are out there and see a woman they want to talk to?

" - "Just do it - be a man - take the risk..." - "Suck it up and go for it!

And to help guys stop making a BIG mistake because of their misinformation. Even if it meant that I was being "politically incorrect." After all, it's that political "correctness" that stops guys from getting the REAL information out there about this topic.

I'm going to expose some here that I want you to know about. Mostly because the reality of how our emotions work and how attraction is created is not something we like to think is out of our 'rational' control. When a woman gets that motor started, she's unbelievable.

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After all, it can be an ego boost to brag with the guys, but women want to maintain that "angelic" image. In the grand scheme of things, I don't believe that men are any more or less good than women are. You see, most guys don't believe this, and a lot of guys don't WANT to believe it.35% said they went to have fun, but there was a possibility to meet someone... I personally think that every woman goes to bars with that hope in the back of her head that she will meet a guy, but it's not the primary reason she goes.Women want men to approach them - and especially during the day - because most of the quality women don't go to bars to "pickup" guys."Just do it" is a great slogan for sneakers, but if you could just "do it," you would be doing it, right? It's time to get rid of this sensation once and for all.Well, a while back I sat down with some friends of mine that are dating advisers and "gurus," and I recorded all my strategies for approaching women in any situation. It's like a bouncer is holding your arms and legs and every time you start to move towards her, you freeze up and become paralyzed. Kill your approach anxiety, and learn the specific things to say and DO to approach women whenever and wherever you can.

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