Dating at 50 years old

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Preferably ones with abs.• Get a bit higher up the career ladder a bit earlier on.That would probably boost my earnings, giving me more financial security.Before I can reply, I get the rest of her message: “The French president’s marriage is an exception, and it is too early to know what is next.” Harsh, Mom. I change tactics and organize a date with a fellow 30-year-old. My friend Jon tells me that these are “intrusive thoughts” and everyone has them. This arrogance has, as I see it, two main causes — one, a belief that their spermatozoa are good for a very long time, indeed, and two, a belief that they could get a younger woman if they wanted to.

The average age difference is 2.3 years according to the Census Bureau.

The fact that women end the childless part of our lives earlier than our male partners is just salt in the wound.

And looking even farther down the line, the bigger the age difference, the more likely that it will be women who take care of their male partners in old age.

In other words, all that data we have about how women in their late 30s are struggling to get pregnant doesn’t take into consideration the fact that many of those women are trying to conceive with men who are in their 40s.

Men are much less fooled when it comes to that second belief — that they could get a younger woman if they wanted to.

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