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Recent research from the University of Connecticut suggests that a person who is on their spouse is more likely to be unfaithful — and that's especially true for a man who relies financially on a woman.

Interestingly, when women are the breadwinners, they're less likely to cheat.

"It'll take you less time than it'll take him, and it'll take him less time to have a quick chat with mom than it would take you, which means in the end, you've saved quite a bit of collective time." Northwestern psychologist Eli Finkel has found that marriage in America has gone through through three stages: • Institutional marriage (from the nation's founding until 1850) • Companionate marriage (from 1851 to 1965) • Self-expressive marriage (from 1965 onward) Before 1850, couples got hitched for the sake of food, shelter, and protection.

Even when participants had to guess how their partners would rate themselves on intelligence, athleticism, and attractiveness, they were only right about 30% of the time. I mean, you adore them — but they constantly leave hair in the shower.They tell the worst jokes — but they're always there to comfort you after a hard day.But you probably don't know them as well as you think you do.According to a 1997 study, couples who had been together longer expressed more confidence in how well they knew each other.

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