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Using a solid state amp the guitar has excellent character and great playability for plectrum or finger style players.I found the tone to be a little darker than a Gibson ES 175 and this is probably due to the surface mounted pickup as apposed to the built in pickups on the ES 175.Best laid plans are going to get wrecked when a reclusive football star is forced to live with a reluctant nanny.I've played a lot of guitars and the D'angelico NYL-2 by Vestax (Japan) is truly a remarkable instrument. The instrument has a AAA Spruce top with an Ebony fret board.In 1993 wealthy guitar collector Scott Chinery acquired the D'Angelico Teardrop guitar from the Mandolin Brothers music store paying 0,000.He then challenged Jimmy D'Aquisto to build a similar guitar.

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The Style B which also had a 17 inch body, although some examples measure it as 16 3/8th's inches.

At only 9 years of age he was apprenticed to his great-uncle, Raphael Ciani, who made mostly violins and mandolins. Young John eventually came to supervise Ciani’s shop.

When Signor Ciani died in 1932, D’Angelico became his successor.

This is when he began making instruments of his own designs.

Within five years, D’Angelico concentrated mainly on building guitars of his own design; guitars that were based the violins design techniques that he had learned throughout the years.

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