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Last year the Washington Post reported that Manafort sent an email in July 2016 through an intermediary offering Deripaska “private briefings” about Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Manafort spokesman Jason Maloni has said the email ex­changes were “innocuous” and aimed at collecting money owed by past clients.

Alhtough Mir allowed almost permanent human presence in space and space flight itself seem routine, not once Russian cosmonauts and thier guests were risking their lives in the situations which nobody had expirienced before.

In his life and career, Deripaska has frequently intersected with the Kremlin and Russian officialdom.

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Other foreign firms with ties to Deripaska’s empire include Austrian construction company Strabag, in which the Russian’s firm Rasperia has a blocking stake, and Singapore’s Changi Airports International, which is a partner with a Deripaska-owned airports firm.The Kristall Module was designed to carry furnaces and other payloads for experiments onboard Mir.The module was also equipped by a transfer compartment with a so-called adrogynous docking port, which would allow reusable shuttle Buran to dock with the station.Nornickel has assets in Finland, in Australia, where it holds a license to develop the Honeymoon Well Project, and in South Africa, where it has a 50 percent stake in the country’s only nickel concentrate producer, Norilsk Nickel Nkomati. Volkswagen has a joint plant with GAZ, a Russian carmaker which is a subsidiary of Basic Element, which was also sanctioned on Friday.A Nornickel representative declined to comment on the risks resulting from the sanctions on their shareholder. Under a contract that runs until 2025, the plant assembles vehicles from the Volkswagen stable.

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