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It’s a Photo illustration by Nancy Burson for TIME (Digital... She had been a White House stenographer for five years (2012-2017).She decided to quit because President Trump didn’t respect stenographers, and didn’t use them as he was supposed to. A follow-up to some previous Top Comments stories, after the jump ….Michael Harriot recounts an episode of ‘assertive law enforcement’ for The Root: Twenty-one-year-old Milton Travis was headed home in his silver Chevrolet Malibu Friday night when police allege that he ignored a stop sign. Less than a month after Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement announcement and Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, Roe v. Nearly every lobsterman I know is a declared Repugnican. the boat price that I received for shedder lobster was...Wade’s already a hot topic in courtrooms dealing with abortion-adjacent cases. At the Southern end of Vietnam lies the Mekong Delta. This list will definitely affect my upcoming buying decisions and I hope it’ll affect yours too (h/t Oliver Willis @owillis): trump is now walking down a line of executives telling him how great he is as his adult daughter walks behind him,...

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a meeting that has been roundly condemned and denounced by both Democrats and Republicans? A simple description of Tara Westover’s “Educated” would be that is a memoir of a childhood and young adult years in a fundamentalist Mormon family in rural Idaho.

But it is much more than a chronological retelling of childhood memories based on...

It’s been days since Scott Poor, attorney for Independent candidate Greg Orman found himself the heart of a controversy about what is acceptable communication.

After attacking a state senator repeatedly through Facebook posts and demeaning her career... I am a liberal lobster fisherman which is nearly an oxymoron in the lobster fishery.

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