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The Constitutional Court consists of thirteen judges.The Constitutional Court has the jurisdiction over issues regarding: the conformity of laws with the Constitution, conformity of other regulations with the Constitution and laws, jurisdictional disputes between the legislative, executive and judicial branches, supervision of the constitutionality and legality of elections and national referenda, electoral disputes which are not within the jurisdiction of courts. The first multi-party elections since World War II were held in Croatia in 1990.The Croatian nationalist Franco Tudjman was elected President.The decision to amend the Constitution is made by a two-thirds majority vote of all the members of the Parliament. The Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia, as the highest court of justice, ensures uniform implementation of laws and equality of citizens.

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If you are not sure of a person’s marital status, avoid asking questions about family.

The powers of the Parliament include enactment and amendment of the Constitution, passage of laws, adoption of the state budget, declarations of war and peace, alteration of the boundaries of the Republic, supervision of the government, conducting elections and appointments to office.

Legislative process Each representative of the Parliament, parliamentary groups and working bodies, and the government have the right to propose laws.

The Prime Minister, who is nominated by the President, assumes office following a parliamentary vote of confidence in the government. The government assumes office following a vote of confidence with the majority of all members of Parliament.

The government may propose legislation and other acts to the Parliament, propose the state budget, execute laws and other decisions of the Parliament, enact decrees to implement the laws, guide the foreign and internal policies, direct and control the operation of the state administration.

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