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He’s a good lacrosse player, he can run really fast, he’s a lot stronger, he’s superhuman, and he can tell when people are lying because their heart beats faster.How has it been for the two of you to work together and develop the relationship between your characters?CRYSTAL REED: It started off as a normal audition for me. And then, we filmed the pilot and the series, and I’ve since quit that job.

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That was great because he wasn’t so set in his ways. I had to get my words right every time because my words kept flowing the storyline.So, I basically knew what was going to happen before. POSEY: I didn’t go have an in-depth conversation like Crystal did, but I wasn’t surprised with the way that it turned out.In some of the episodes, my character changes a little, but he was obviously going through some immaturity and growth.At the show’s press day, co-stars Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed talked to Collider for this exclusive interview about how they got involved with the series, what they related to most about their characters, what makes these werewolves different, the progression of their characters throughout Season 1, their excitement over going to Comic-Con in San Diego, and the comic book adaptation of the series that will be released.Check out what they had to say after the jump: Question: How did you guys get involved with this show, and what was it about this project that was appealing to you?

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