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These activities include meditation and Buddhism, social work, body work, cultural activities and support for residential spiritual communities and ethical businesses.² Other worrying examples of dishonesty, denial, whitewashing, in-house counselling, emotional blackmailing of victims, unhealthy power structures, safeguarding policy installation, or victim blaming can be found in the comment section.

For instance, the claimed safeguarding policy were put in place only after Triratna (TBO) learned the BBC were investigating them (similar to the removal of the video on their website claiming that sex between teacher and student was acceptable, inspiring and entirely discretionary).

For instance, Triratna claimed to the BBC “Sangharakshita stepped back from any official role in the running of Triratna in 2000.” But Triratna runs a charity called Uddiyana whose stated purpose is the “support and assistance for Urgyen Sangharakshita …

enabling him and his office to guide the activities of the Triratna Buddhist Community Centres and members worldwide”: Data for financial year ending 31 December 2015 Income £146.0K Spending £57.2K Aims & activities Support and assistance for Urgyen Sangharakshita, founder of the Triratna Buddhist Community (formerly FWBO) – enabling him and his office to guide the activities of the Triratna Buddhist Community Centres and members worldwide.

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Watch here videos of grannies fingering their own hairy twats!They are also skilled at fingering men' assholes before or while they fuck the dudes!More, watch the lesbian matures fingering each other's pussy!Dennis Lingwood (Sangharakshita) issued a personal statement in Dec. ¹ To understand the harm such abuse can bring you can read the Guardian report The dark side of enlightenment from 1997 which reports the sad story of Matthew, a talented Oxford graduate who rejected careerism in the mid-1980s and joined the FWBO and who committed suicide.Of tremendous help for me to understand sexual abuse in the context of a power differential (priest-parishioner, psychologist-client, teacher-student) is Peter Rutter’s (MD) »Sex in the Forbidden Zone«.

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