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Avezzana Affair, The, Belgium, New Educational Law, . For care must be taken not to fall into the very common error of confound- ing this with the Spanish Inqui- sition, the political creation of Philip II. 193 Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity Gone 515 Astray, 675 462 21 4 1 5i9 55 389 639 ,470 796 64 99 170 505 92 272 780 433 462 312 433 376 64 275 55 665 J45 5'5 79 159 US 620 577 322 491 577 79 562 American Side of School Question, An Episode in Russian History, Apprenticeship Schools in France, . This formidable word is in fact more formidable than the thing itself, which, reduced to its verit- able function, corresponds to the office fulfilled at the present time by the Juges d' Instruction in France, and in England by the lawyers in the new Court of Judi- cature, presided over by Lord Pen- zance, aided by (pseudo) episco- pal assessors, for the judgment of ecclesiastical causes. The ar- chaeologist finds there but little scope for anything but conjecture, since the mutilations effected by the hand of man as well as that of time have effaced every trace of architectural ornamentation. These gloomy remains appear in the distance like a cemetery of forgotten tombs abandoned centuries ago. NEW YORK: THE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY CO, 9 Barclay Street. His envoys, whether missionaries or commissioners, had at first satis- fied themselves by questioning, ad- monishing, and instructing, and it was only when these means were of no avail that they resorted to threatening, then to separation from communion, and lastly to confiscation of property. The pope, in his quality of guar- dian of the faith, was bound to use the powers recognized to be his by the whole Christian world. 742 Man's Destiny, 2(t Q Minerve, Ruins of, , Bre'beuf Family, The, 14 Cain Patraic " . Books and treatises were written for their benefit ; they were entreated, they were threatened, but almost wholly in vain.

Some were influenced by persuasion, and still more by fear ; but as soon as the occasion of their alarm was withdrawn they quickly returned to the discourses of their seducers, or, as men said, " to the sweet speeches of the presidents of the devil's mercy." The heresy began to take vast proportions, and was spreading in all directions ; bands were organ- ized for pillage, and Christendom took alarm in presence of the ac- tual and impending evils. 3 6 p ear i Catholic Emancipation and its Results, . They taught that the eldest son of God was Lu- cifer, who, with his angels, had produced the visible world ; but that God, seeing in it nothing but disorder, engendered another Son to restore order to the world; and that the mission of these sectaries was to work in concert with God for the attainment of this end. the saint describes this Henri as a man who, " when he can ex- tort money from the simple, spends it in gaming with women of evil life," But these circumstances did not hinder the man from pretend- ing to extraordinary rigor in the way of virtue, knowing that, in order to attract the multitude, an outward austerity is useful, how- ever loose and accommodating the code of morals may be which it is designed to cover. 4 81 Pombal, 111 Positivism, The Plea for, 6fo Protestantism, Novel Defence of, . Their theological doctrines were a mixture of Arianism with the errors of the Manicheans. This donjon formed part of the citadel of Minerve, occupying the southern portion of the rocky peninsula (so to call it), and con- necting the defensive works with TJie Ruins of Miner ve. By crowning the tower with its strong battlements, and raising the vast length of wall now thrown down, we should have the front of the fortress. Every- thing seems to retain the mark of a terrible chastisement, as if the breath of the divine displeasure had passed over the city.

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