Adult chat for nerds

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Ganke comes over and presents Miles with the DVD of the Spider-Man Movie that was released several months ago, featuring actual footage of Peter Parker fighting with Dr. Ganke suggests that he study Peter's moves so he can become a better crime fighter like Peter was.While at the dinner table, the Morales family discussed about the all-new Spider-Man which resulted in Miles' parents being on different sides -- Miles' father being against Spider-Man and his mother being for Spider-Man (thinking it cool).Miles participation was crucial for the heroes victory, and he was rewarded with Spider-Woman's approval for Miles to officially be the new Spider-Man.

Miles, at his parents house, has a talk with his mother about the recent news he learned about the criminal past of his father and Uncle Aaron.And because we’re all short on time, we may not use stations as often as we could.So today I’m proposing a watered-down version of stations that keeps the movement, interactivity and variety while minimizing the prep work.And there’s really no limit to how challenging your questions can be.I’m pretty sure I haven’t invented anything new here, so if you’re doing something like this and have a tip or suggestion to add, please comment below. You’ll get weekly tips, tools, and inspiration — in quick, bite-sized packages — all geared toward making your teaching more effective and joyful.

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