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Cold reading, Campbell explains, is no single feat, but rather the use of several tricks and skills to subtly coax information from a person – information which can later be fed back to the subject, repackaged as a new and amazing insight.

It involves deductive reasoning, quick thinking, a sense of psychology, a reasonable grasp of statistics and demographics, and a healthy dose of modest charm.

They will also capitalize on traits common to most people: many women who wear black clothes are conscious of their weight; most red haired people suffer hay fever in spring and summer; many people who have lost a loved one keep a picture of that person at their bedside, and so on.

When such generalities are expressed as insights from the spirit world, Campbell says very few people question them: “If you’re not suspicious, this stuff can seem just absolutely miraculous.” Armed with this new knowledge of psychic trickery, but also with a nagging desire to believe that some psychics could be the real deal, I went to Mystical Vision Psychics on Toronto’s Yonge Street for my very own reading.

hits), and to quickly forget that which is ordinary and unimpressive (misses).

Campbell moved his way through his readings as if moving along a computer flowchart, veering away from dead ends and constantly honing in on specific information.

Hang on while I look it up.’ It gave me a chance to think of the next thing to do.” Cold readers capitalize on the human tendency to remember remarkable or strange thing (i.e.“I guessed that she lived in the country, and probably near some horses.I said to her, ‘my spirit guide Gaston is telling me about something to do with horses, and something to do with your mother.’ She told me that she had a dream the night before about her mother driving a pickup truck into some water.People sit there before the show and say ‘Oh, I hope John contacts my Uncle Bob’ and then John Edward comes out and says, ‘I sense someone has lost an uncle named Bob.” And psychics who don’t have the luxury of a wired TV studio?“If you go to one of these psychic parlours in Toronto, I would note, for example, if they ask you to hang your coat in another room.

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