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The intensity of Hawkins’ book is crystallised through the use of first person point of view, which is shared amongst the three female protagonists, leaving readers constantly confused about who is telling the truth, and who is not.

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Reilly has frequently said that Michael Crichton's on steroids, with dragons instead of dinosaurs.Easy flowing and very readable, ’s mixing of her Italian past and her Australian present allows her readers to experience another time and culture — a slower time of family, of hard work, of striving for a better future.Her family members feature as strong and charismatic characters in her exploration of what it is to be both Italian and Australian — to be both from the past and in the present.But then on one particularly dreary morning Rachel observes something shocking through her train window and her life is suddenly and irrevocably changed forever.As she is drawn further and further into the mystery her life becomes increasingly intertwined with two women who may, or may not, hold the key.

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