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Colt began work on their 1873 Single Action Army Model in 1871.Sample cartridges submitted for Army tests were made by UMC, using the Benet cup primers; commercial ammunition used the Berdan-type primer, followed by the more common Boxer priming.While this has been one of numerous arguments to explain the lack of a rifle chambered in .45 Colt, in fact, Colt would not authorize the use of their .45 Colt in other manufacturers’ arms.It required the expiration of those original patents for the .45 Colt to become available in a rifle.They also state that pressures do not exceed 25,000 psi (CUP).

Cartridges of the World These loads cannot be used in any original Colt Single Action Army or replica thereof, such as those produced by Uberti, Beretta, the Taurus Gaucho, or the Ruger New Vaquero, as these guns are built on the smaller frame with thinner cylinder walls.However, this does not explain the absence of a .45 Colt chambering (or indeed any of Colt's own cartridges) in the Colt-Burgess lever-action or Colt Lightning slide-action rifles, lending more credence to there being a basic problem with Colt's revolver cartridges.(It is notable that modern .45 Colt cartridge rims are still quite narrow, but feature an extractor groove cut into the base of the case, a feature common to most modern cartridges but not at all common in the late 1800s.) Today's standard factory loads develop around 400 ft⋅lbf (540 J) of muzzle energy at about 860 ft/s (260 m/s), making it roughly equivalent to modern .45 ACP loads.Modern rifles with strong actions (such as the Winchester Model 1894, Marlin Model 1894, and new clones of the Winchester Model 1892) chambered for the cartridge can safely handle the heavier loadings.Colt .45 revolvers made until early WWII had barrels with .454" groove diameters. Using .454" diameter bullets in the smaller barrels will work but will generate higher pressures.

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