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But we think we know them well, and consequently, we have a long list of preconceived ideas.

As we approach our study, let us seek as best we can, and by the Spirit’s enablement, to place those preconceived ideas on the shelf and think through our text afresh.

When viewed in isolation, the story of David and Goliath looks very different than when seen in the broader perspective of the preceding Scriptures (Genesis through 1 Samuel 16).

We shall begin at Genesis 12:3 in what some call the “Abrahamic Covenant.” There, God says to Abram, 3 “And I will bless those who bless you, And .

It is Jonathan, Saul’s son, who precipitates the war with the Philistines who are occupying the land of Israel (chapter 13).

Saul sees his army dissolve before his eyes and disobeys God by failing to wait for Samuel to offer the burnt offering (13:8-14).

By forbidding any of his soldiers food before evening, Saul puts Jonathan’s life in danger and predisposes the other soldiers to sin by consuming the blood of the animals they slaughter and eat.

The weariness of the soldiers due to their hunger keeps them from fighting well as the day drags on.

We should also note that seems to clearly link chapter 17 with chapter 16.

Jonathan initiates an attack on a Philistine outpost in chapter 14, which results in divine intervention by means of an earthquake.

The battle against the Philistines could be won decisively by the Israelite army except for an edict which Saul foolishly declares.

The problem with the Old Testament story of our text, and others like “Daniel in the Lion’s Den” and “Jonah and the ‘Whale’,” is that we become too familiar with them.

I do not mean that we know these stories too well, for most often we do not.

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